Pierceland United Church

The Cold Lake Pierceland Pastoral Charge has a Support Committee

Goals & Objectives of the Support Committee

1.        Notify the congregations of our existence

2.       Get the Pastoral Charge website up to date and functional

3.       Add to website our information 

4.       Find people to update the congregations names, contact information, phone numbers email addresses etc.

5.       Give the new minister directives and help on how to structure the first part of his/her ministry

6.       Listen to any communications that may be directed to the committee.  When a request is made for a meeting, the person receiving the request shall arrange for at least 1 presbytery rep and themselves or one other person to be available for the meeting ( minimum 1 presbytery rep and one other person)

The committee will listen to ideas and dreams of the congregation (vision for the church and their family, expressing their dreams and hopes for the charge) as well as concerns on unfinished business, possibly identifying what might be holding the congregation back and any other issues that may arise.

Any expressions of the above may be directed

in writing to

Cold Lake/Pierceland Support Committee

 C/O Linda Nichols-Mandrusiak

 ?Box 215

Two Hills, Alta T0B 4K0

By Phone to

                       Debbie Johnson


By email to      catherine173@yahoo.com

Please provide your name for verification purposes.  All correspondence and communication will be kept strictly confidential

Paul Duval                                          pduval@anwconf.com

Rev. Stephen Sparks                      meliste@eastlink.ca     

                780-573-5094780-573-5094 cell

                780-573-1458780-573-1458 home

                780-826-3006780-826-3006 church

Linda Nichols-Mandrusiak           codnam@gmail.com

Catherine Kirk                                   catherine173@yahoo.om

                306-839-2049306-839-2049 home

Debbie Johnson                                               s.johnson@sasktel.net

                306-839-2028306-839-2028 home


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